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When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing

This breed of dog is obtained by crossing a poodle and a golden retriever; like all breeds, they have different growth stages throughout their lives, so you must know this to help your pet grow in the best possible way.

Are you interested in learning more about the growth of Goldendoodles? Then stay with us and don’t miss out on anything since we’ll help you to understand this issue perfectly.

When do Goldendoodles stop growing?

Generally, Goldendoodles stop growing after one to two years if we’re talking about a standard-size dog and not a miniature one.

This is in general terms, but we must also consider the generation of our Goldendoodle.

As you may already know, Goldendoodles are classified by generation, ranging from the f1 Goldendoodle generation to the multigene Goldendoodle generation, being the first ones the most “pure” since they derive directly from the crossbreeding of a Poodle and a Golden retriever, and the last ones are the less “pure”, as they come from the crossing of two f1b Goldendoodles.

Well, the growth of our Goldendoodle will also depend on the generation; if it’s an f1 Goldendoodle, he’ll probably stop growing at 2 years of age; on the other hand, if we’re talking about an f1b Goldendoodle, for example, after a little more than a year, you’ll see how he stops growing.

The standard size of a Goldendoodle

A standard Goldendoodle is between 20 and 24 inches tall, depending almost exclusively on the type of food you feed him, exercise, and so on.

As for their weight, a standard Goldendoodle can weigh between 50 and 59 pounds at most, again, depending largely on their diet and the amount of physical exercise they get. If he eats more than he should and doesn’t exercise, his weight will be higher, and some obesity-related health problems may appear.

Growth stages of Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles have three life stages: puppy, which lasts from birth to one or two years, adult, which begins at the end of the previous stage; and senior, which starts at 7 years of age until the time of death.

In addition to these three stages of life, there are seven other stages of growth and development, which you’ll learn about next.

Stage 1

The first stage of growth and development of Goldendoodles lasts 3 weeks and begins at the dog’s birth. These 3 weeks are critical for the puppy since they’re born blind, deaf, and toothless, with fundamental needs: eating and sleeping. At this stage, the puppy should remain with its mother.

Stage 2

This stage ranges from 3 weeks to 7 weeks of age. During this period, the puppy should have already opened its eyes and will begin to proliferate. He’ll become much more active with his mother, siblings, or mates.

At this time, the Goldendoodle puppy will learn some basic dog things, which his mother will teach, such as playing with other puppies and being alone for a short time.

Stage 3

From 7 to 12 weeks (3 months) begins the third stage of development of the Goldendoodle, in which he’ll be able to detach from its mother and littermates; this is the right age at which you should adopt him and take him to your home. In the beginning, try to maintain the routines the puppy already had until the moment of adoption so that he can adapt better to the house.

After a few days, you can begin to change your dog’s routine, introduce him to other puppy foods, and train him by including him in other pet or dog social groups and introducing him to people in your family or friends group.

Stage 4

The fourth stage lasts one month, starting at 3 months, when the previous stage ends, until 4 months. At this time, the puppy will begin to develop much stronger teeth and, because of this growth, may be much more uncomfortable and will have the need to chew on things, just as it happens with humans.

You’ll also see how much more independent he becomes; this is a key stage in training and education since it’s when he learns the most.

Stage 5

The fifth stage is one of the most extensive, as well as the last, since it lasts from 4 months of life to 10 months, a total of half a year. Compared to humans, this period is very similar to adolescence since your dog may become somewhat disobedient and present drastic changes in his body, such as getting skinnier and taller and making more awkward movements.

Stage 6

From 10 months to one year of age, the Goldendoodle goes through the sixth stage of development, in which they’ll reach maturity, leaving the puppy stage and starting to have adult behavior.

Training him to have a good attitude toward other people and animals is also important.

Stage 7

Finally, from one year of life onwards, especially up to two years of age, your Goldendoodle will finish developing and reach sexual maturity, which makes him ready to reproduce. At this stage, your dog will finish growing and reach its final height and weight, although there may be minimal change in the future.

How to feed your Goldendoodle in his growing phase?

In the growing phase, Goldendoodles will require a combination of foods that include different nutrients, minerals, vitamins, calcium, and other components that may not be present in adult foods, mainly because they’re necessary for the proper growth and development of our puppy and adolescent Goldendoodle.

How to feed your Goldendoodle in his growing phase?

It’s important to know that, even when your Goldendoodle reaches adulthood, he’ll keep on growing, so you should no longer feed him puppy food; if you are not sure whether or not your dog has reached adulthood, you should check with a veterinary specialist, who will help you to know this.

Remember that your Goldendoodle can grow between one and two years, so you must always make a proper follow-up of him, specifically in a veterinary, checking that their growth is going well and that there are no complications in their feeding.

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How big do Goldendoodles get?

The size your Goldendoodle can reach depends greatly on the type of doodle we’re talking about since there are different base sizes. In addition, the dog’s generation has a great influence since the f1 Goldendoodle won’t reach the same size as an f2b Goldendoodle, for example. The first one will be much larger than the second one.

If you want to know precisely what size your Goldendoodle can reach because of his type, here is a size chart that may help you to understand what size your dog can get.

Goldendoodle size chart

  • Miniature Goldendoodle: 13-20 inches
  • Medium Goldendoodle: 15-20 inches
  • Small standard Goldendoodle: 17-20 inches
  • Large standard Goldendoodle: 20-24 inches

Goldendoodle Growth Chart

Chart by Pet News Daily

Do male and female Goldendoodles grow to the same size?

No, like most dog breeds, male and female Goldendoodles don’t reach the same size after one or two years. You’ll notice how the females are smaller than the males, finding a minimal difference, which is more significant in weight, weighing up to 20 pounds less.

For this reason, if you are looking for a small dog of the Goldendoodle breed, it’s best to adopt a mini female; her size will be tiny. To learn more about this type of Goldendoodles, keep reading since we’ll tell you their approximate size and how to calculate it.

When do Mini Goldendoodles stop growing?

Mini Goldendoodles reach their full height after one year, but, despite this, they can continue to grow until they’re two years old. Miniature Goldendoodles can reach 17 to 20 inches in length and weigh 40 to 50 pounds.

When do Mini Goldendoodles stop growing?

They’re tiny dogs, perfect to be with the family, especially in not-so-big environments, since they can adapt to sleep in small places. However, they do need to be outdoors, like any dog, so if you have a home with a garden, so much the better.

You’ll find that these dogs are pretty similar to Poodles in size, especially when compared to larger or medium-sized Poodles, but not with Toy Poodles, which are extremely small, even smaller than Mini Goldendoodles.

Mini Goldendoodle weight calculator

One of the best things you can do to find out exactly how much your Mini Goldendoodle will weigh is to do a weight calculation with a very simple formula called the growth formula.

The growth formula consists of dividing their current weight in pounds by their age in weeks, then multiplying that final number by 52. This means that if your dog weighs 12 pounds and is 12 weeks old, you’ll get 1, which you’ll then multiply by 52 to find out the maximum weight your dog will naturally obtain.

This calculation is reliable, in most cases, and will give you a clear indication of how much your Mini Goldendoodle can weigh at most; this is something that you can also use for any type of Goldendoodle and any particular breed of dog.

Why is it difficult to develop an exact Goldendoodle weight calculator?

Goldendoodles represent a crossing that combines two breeds that are the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Because they aren’t a “breed,” they aren’t bound to strict breed standards, like purebreds. This deliberate mix of breeds often ensures that you have the best of both breeds. However, this can result in a greater variety of traits.

Mini Goldendoodle size comparison

Mini Goldendoodles are dogs that can be really small in size. If we look in detail at the table above, we can see that these dogs can be up to half the size of the large standard Goldendoodle. This makes them perfect dogs to keep in an apartment if you can’t have a large dog.

We recommend that you also analyze the generation to which the Mini Goldendoodle you are about to adopt belongs since the higher the generation, the more poodle genes he’ll have, making him even smaller.

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