The Great Dane is a breed of dog that needs food according to its growth, which is usually quite fast, and it’s also necessary to consider that the food must have nutrients beneficial to their health. In this post, we’ll make a list of what we consider to be the 5 best foods for Great Danes that you can get.

The 5 Best Dog Foods for Great Danes

These products are very varied. There’s food for puppies and adult dogs, dry, wet, homemade, etc. The one we chose as the best food for Great Danes is from the Large Breed line, from the Wellness brand, a widely recognized brand in the world of dog food.

We chose it mainly because of the great benefits it brings to our canine friend, benefits that we’ll detail below, but as a preview, we’ll tell you that it provides many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for our dog.

But that’s not all. To give you more variety, we compiled the 5 best foods for Great Danes; one of them, for example, is for puppies, which will need much more protein and minerals to help their development during the first months of life.

You’ll be able to see products belonging to other famous brands, such as Purina or Royal Canin, so if you want to know more about what we have to show you, stay with us and read this post until the end.

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Top 5 Best Foods for Great Danes

1. Wellness Complete Health Large Breed

As we already told you, the one we consider the best food for Great Danes is the Complete Health line for large breed dogs from the Wellness brand. You can get it for both adults and puppies.

These are crunchy croquettes with a high amount of nutrients, and quality ingredients, mainly chicken and rice. It doesn’t contain corn, wheat, or soy.

This food contains glucosamine that keeps your dog’s joints strong and resistant. It also contains antioxidants, which help reinforce the immune system, which is essential, especially in the first months of your dog’s life.

Last but not least, it has good levels of vitamins and omega fatty acids, used for eye and dental health, as well as skin and coat health.

The only bad thing is its price, although if you’re a person without problems making this kind of expense, it turns out to be the best possible option for your pet, and it will thank you for it.


  • Very High-Quality.
  • You can get it for both adults and puppies.
  • Very good for bones and joints.
  • Very good for skin and coat health.
  • Improves digestive and immune health.


  • High price.

2. Taste of the Wild High Prairie

Another of the best foods for Great Danes, which almost made it to the top of the list, is this one from the High Prairie line of the Taste of the Wild brand, which you may not have heard of before, despite being very well known in the United States.

It’s also available for adults and puppies and is extremely rich in protein, even considered by many as the most protein-rich food available today. It’s also rich in nutrients, providing your dog with an incredible amount of energy, vitamins, and minerals, resulting in good general health, and eye and teeth care.

It also has reasonable amounts of omega-3 acids, which are responsible for keeping your pet’s skin and coat in excellent condition.

Interestingly, this is a homemade Great Dane food, made entirely naturally from premium bison and roasted deer, raised only on pasture, which will guarantee you greater safety, above all things, at the time of purchase.

It has a unique flavor you won’t find anywhere else naturally without flavorings. 32% of this formula is made up of protein, which is why it’s considered one of the most protein-rich dog foods.

What puts it in second place and not first is that, according to many opinions, this food can cause excessive thirst in your dog, most likely due to the amount of concentrated meat.

As a solution, you can give your pet plenty of water after he finishes eating by placing a large bowl next to his food. You must be careful that he does not become dehydrated.


  • Very High-Quality.
  • Rich in protein and nutrients.
  • Very good for bones and joints.
  • Very good for skin and coat health.


  • It may cause excessive thirst.

3. Purina Pro Plan Complete Essential

You may know the Purina brand, which produces one of the best foods for Great Danes, although we consider other products ahead of this one, basically, because the Pro Plan line is one of the most expensive you can find today. Therefore, we can’t recommend it to everyone.

This food is formulated with a blend of shredded chicken and rice, something dogs love, with a unique and very healthy taste. It contains the perfect amount of shredded and wet parts, ensuring crunchy pieces and softer ones, so your pet doesn’t feel so dry.

The main ingredient of this food is chicken, and it is enriched with a large number of live probiotics, so it has a large amount of protein and guarantees good digestive and immune health,

In addition, it contains vitamin A and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, perfect for skin and coat health. 

It’s a perfect food for your Great Dane, in case you want to improve his musculature and promote your dog’s physical activity since the protein it contains will help him have more energy during the day and grow his back-front muscles.


  • Very High-Quality.
  • Rich in proteins.
  • Very good for skin and coat health.
  • Improves digestive and immune health.


  • It’s costly.

4. Royal Canin Giant Junior

Another premium brand that can be considered one of the best foods for Great Danes is Royal Canin.

This brand, in general, has excellent products. In this case, we’ll mention the Giant Junior line, focused on large breed puppies, such as the Great Dane, which already adopt a considerable size even at an early age.

It’s specifically formulated for giant puppies, making it the best food for Great Dane puppies, specifically for those between 8 and 12 months. However, sometimes it can be considered up to 24 months for different reasons.

It meets the basic needs for the growth of this breed, with protein levels perfectly adapted to their age and L-carnitine, perfect for muscle development at an early age.

Providing this food to your pet won’t only help in its initial growth but will also promote healthy support for bone and joint development, as well as support for the immune system, thanks to a balanced blend of high-quality antioxidants and prebiotics.


  • Good for muscle development at an early age.
  • Very good for bones and joints.
  • Very good for skin and coat health.
  • Improves immune health.


  • Some say their dogs don’t like it.

5. Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed

Finally, we find the last of what we consider the best dog food for Great Danes, belonging to the Nutro brand, which, despite its economical price, has excellent quality.

It’s a homemade food made with totally natural ingredients, not genetically modified, and easily recognizable inside the bag, being able to differentiate chicken, pork, beef, seeds, egg, tomato, and different vegetables, something we don’t see in other brands.

Among its basic ingredients, you’ll find boneless lamb, chicken meal, brown rice, split peas, whole grain sorghum, brewer’s rice, whole grain oats, whole grain barley, chicken fat, natural flavorings, dehydrated beet pulp, whole flaxseed, and many other ingredients, making it a genuinely complete food.

It’s intended for large dogs of almost any age, although it’s not recommended for puppies as it cannot be proven to have the recommended amount of essential nutrients for Great Danes in their first stage of life.

Like the Taste of the Wild food, the large amount of concentrated meat in this food can make your dog extremely thirsty after eating.

  • High-Quality.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Very good for bones and joints.


  • It’s not recommended for puppies.
  • It may cause excessive thirst.

Great Dane Food Characteristics and Purchase Considerations

Great Dane Food Characteristics and Purchase Considerations

Before making a food purchase for your Great Dane, keep in mind that there are many things to consider when analyzing each product, as they’re not all the same. Here are the most important features and considerations:

1. Type

You must consider what type of food you are looking for since you can find food for adults (over 12 months old) or puppies (up to one year old).

If you’re looking for food for puppies, you’ll need a much more complete food in terms of the essential nutrients that your pet needs in its first months of life, which will significantly help its growth.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for food for an adult dog, it has to be one that supports the health of its limbs, joints, bones, and muscles.

2. Price

If money isn’t a problem in shopping, we recommend purchasing one of the premium foods presented above, as they have an unmatched quality that you won’t find in other places.

If you’re looking for inexpensive food, this one won’t have the same quality.

3. Ingredients

If you love your dog, the best thing to do is to choose food made with natural ingredients, including vegetables, rice, meat, and chicken, four elements that he’ll surely love.

Remember that the more natural the ingredients are, the more nutrients and minerals they’ll have, so it’s recommended that you do so.

It’s always best to purchase foods where the ingredients used in manufacturing can be differentiated, as in the case of the last product on the list.

It will also be important that the mixture is balanced between dry and wet food to maintain good nutrition and hydration levels at all times.

4. Elaboration

Perhaps this is not decisive, but it’s always good to know if the food you’re buying is industrially processed, as most recognized brands do, or if it’s made in the most homemade way possible.

The latter is only done by some specific brands, but it’s possible to get food for Great Danes made with natural care products in small non-industrial manufacturing centers. In that case, you’ll see that the food will be much more to your pet’s liking since its taste is better and no artificial flavorings are used, which, although they improve the taste, aren’t at all healthy for your pet.

5. Size

Although the great majority of large dogs have a similar dental size, it’s important to know that some food brands market their food in kibble with different shapes. This is because they seek to improve the teeth of your pets with indentations that provide greater development to each of the teeth, making them sharpen or not wear out as quickly as it happens with much cheaper or generic foods.

6. Brand

Finally, make sure you choose a brand that’s recognized or that, at least, has good online references, such as Purina, Royal Canin, or any of those we’ve already mentioned in this post. Although we’ve mentioned them occasionally, we strongly recommend that you avoid generic dog foods at all costs since they don’t usually have such a high quality as the rest.

Benefits of Buying Good Quality Great Danes Food

Of course, buying quality balanced food for your dog will have a very long series of benefits, including a general improvement of your pet’s health, with much stronger joints, good musculature, little excess weight (which also leads to other diseases or problems in the joints and bones), much shinier skin and coat and even an improvement in mood, being able to see how your dog is more cheerful and active.

Not all dog foods have the same characteristics and benefits. Try to get complete food for your Great Dane, including as many benefits as possible, with care for intestinal flora, joints, muscles, bones, skin, coat, and more.

Disadvantages of Buying Good Quality Great Danes Food

The only drawback we can point out about the purchase of balanced feed is its price, although, as we have already said, the price is related to the quality of the product obtained.

However, sometimes you pay a lot for the brand and not for the quality of the food itself. This is something that happens especially in the most well-known and renowned brands, so you have to analyze in depth what food you get and what you pay for.

Another drawback may occur at the beginning, as your dog may reject some foods if he doesn’t like them or they upset his stomach. Because of this, you will often have to try different brands until you find the best one for him. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to go to a veterinary specialist who can recommend a specific food brand for your pet.

Buying Guide for Great Danes Food

Balanced food for Great Danes is essential if you want them to maintain good health at all times, whether intestinal, as they’re usually sensitive animals in this regard, or muscular. In addition, this food will help significantly in everything that refers to the joints and bones of your dog; remember that larger dogs tend to suffer more complications with their bones than medium or small dogs.

Buying Guide for Great Danes Food

If your Great Dane has a problem with his coat, for example, which may look dull, deteriorated, or dry, you can solve this just by giving him suitable dog food; the ones we name in this post have the particularity of helping to keep your pet’s coat silky and shiny, whether it is short or long.

Unlike generic dog foods, balanced dog food, particularly those mentioned in this post, are unique and offer features that will be essential in your pet’s life. This includes, for example, health improvements, muscle growth, disease correction, energy supply, and more.

In its first months of life, a Great Dane will necessarily need a balanced diet; giving it cheap generic food can cause it not to grow as we want and generate problems in its joints and bones.

You should remember which are the most popular brands you’ll find selling food, such as Royal Canin or Purina, which you can find practically all over the world, or Wellness, with decades of experience in the dog food world. There are a few more brands, such as Diamond, Merrick, Nutro, Blue Buffalo, and Holistic, although the aforementioned are the main ones you’ll find all over the country, either physically or virtually.

Some of these brands, as you may well know, are industrial, and although the quality of their products is good, they’re not as good as homemade food.

If you want to buy one of these foods, you must consider the factors mentioned above, which will be very important when choosing the ideal food for your Great Dane.

Video: How Much Do Great Danes Eat (daily and monthly)?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Puppy Food?

Your dog must be eating puppy food in the early month of life. Some experts suggest puppy food during that first one-year period of his life and others suggest that you feed your dog until he is no longer growing at all. For Great Danes that can take a few years. We suggest that you remain on the puppy food for at the very least a year and one-half. Puppy food comes with a few distinct characteristics in comparison to adult food. One of them is that it’s more protein-rich and high in fat. Additionally, it contains nutrients that are different from DHA for instance. DHA is present in a mother’s milk and assists puppies in developing healthy eyes and brains. Puppy food can also be more digestible and has smaller kibble pieces that make it easier to consume.

How Much Food Do Great Danes Need?

How much food and water your Great Dane needs will change as he grows older. However, spitting up his food to eat multiple meals daily to prevent bloating at any stage.

What foods should I not serve to my Great Dane?

Beware of feeding the following food to the Great Dane and protect them from any health issues that might arise:

  • Avocados
  • Table scraps are a great source of food, particularly the ones that are fatty
  • Wine, liquor, or any other food prepared using alcohol
  • Onions and garlic
  • Coffee, chocolates, and other stimulants
  • Dairy
  • Grapes and raisins

How much food should I feed my Great Dane?

How much food to feed your Great Dane depends on numerous factors, such as the stage of life, level of activity as well as other health conditions that could affect the metabolism of your dog. If your dog seems healthy and happy, the majority of dog food items come with a nutrition guideline on the label.

Keep in mind that this is merely a guideline, and is not a universal plan. If you’re unsure whether your dog is getting enough or not enough food, it is best to consult your vet.

What are the most important things to look for with regard to my Great Dane?

Like all giant and large breeds, Great Danes are prone to develop joint issues such as hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition, however, factors such as the excessive growth rate, as well as inadequate nutrition and weight could significantly increase the risk of genetic predisposition, this is why it’s important to provide your Great Dane a high-quality diet!

Thankfully, manufacturers have caught on that large and giant breeds have different nutritional requirements for optimal health and as such have created specific formulas.

What level of protein should Great Dane food have?

There’s a lot of inaccurate information out there about the levels of protein in Great Dane food.

A high-quality protein source from meat as well as meat meal and by-products is essential.

Insufficient calories as well as the wrong type of nutrition are the main cause of issues with growth in Great Danes. It’s not that they have too much protein.

Foods that contain a large number of legumes or peas, particularly when combined together with “fresh deboned meat” (which like the previous paragraph is 70% water) could have substituted an important amount of meat protein with plant-based protein. This is not healthy.

Large Breed food items that are backed up by solid peer-reviewed research and science will have the best levels of calcium, protein, fat, and the levels of phosphorus. They also have joint support.

Whether your puppy is still tiny or you can’t believe it’s still growing, your Great Dane puppy needs a lot of nutritional support. If you’re selecting an appropriate food item, the protein content on the bag shouldn’t be considered a factor.


In this post, we’ve already been able to show you what we consider to be the best dog food for Great Danes, belonging to the Wellness brand, one of the most demanded throughout the country due to its excellent properties, collaborating notably with the correct development of your pet once it becomes an adult, contributing to its musculature, and maintaining its bones and limbs health.

If you want to buy a different brand of food, don’t forget to take into account the issues already mentioned above, such as the type of food and its purpose, if it’s food for puppies or adults, the price, the brand, and the flavor because you won’t eat it, but your dog will like the meat-based flavors much more than the generic ones.

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